Pseudocia Hacks Rareest Pepper’s Account In An Attempt To Rig Online Poll

Liz, better known as Pseudocia, ordered her Army of SIMPs to hack Rareest Pepper’s Twitter account in order to send out a vulgar tweet that would paint Bastiat in a bad light.

Bastiat and Liz are competing in a meaningless Twitter poll as part of a larger bracket-style tournament to determine who is the biggest Destiny orbiter. Bastiat took an early lead as he started to pay people in DOGE coin to vote. When his funds ran dry, he began to offer pictures to people who voted for him.


Liz knew she was losing bad and needed some way to turn the tide. At one point she was down by nearly 20 points. So, she pulled a trick from the old Neoliberal playbook and got dirty. Leaked DMs from some of her top SIMPs reveal that she ordered her followers to attempt to hack prominent members of Bastiat’s community. Unfortunately, they were able to break into Rareest Pepper’s Twitter account as his password was reportedly “Trump2020MAGA.”

It is said that Liz personally crafted the Tweet that she hoped would turn the tide. It brings a tear to this journalists eye to have to republish this filth here.

Liz hacks RP’s account and attempts to paint Bastiat as anti-trans

The ploy backfired as Bastiat immediately denounced the tweet. No word from JK Rowling yet, be we are sure that she would in fact be on Bastiat’s side. Attempting to paint Bastiat as a transphobe was a step too far.

BNN is officially endorsing Bastiat. We simply cannot allow edgy, unemployed Twitter shitposters to keep getting away with it. Liz represents everything wrong with this country and while Bastiat isn’t exactly a role model either, sometimes you have to take what you can get. Please vote here:

Thank you!


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