Reader Letter: Copmala Pick Forcing Me To Vote Trump

It pains me to say this, but I now have no choice but to vote for Donald Trump. In 2016 I also voted for The Donald as I greatly enjoyed his self-written book “The Art Of The Deal” and I truly believed that he would help my friends and family in coal country. Well, after three and a half years I’ve seen little change. From where I sit, he hasn’t really done much at all.

As I sit here in a small town in rural West Virginia the decline of my people is evident everywhere you look. Abandoned mining houses. Former public schools that have had to shut down. Crack whores offering condom-less blowjobs for only five dollars. Entire towns vacated except for maybe half a dozen stubborn old fucks who refuse to leave their place of birth. I chose to believe that Trump would fix it. He told me he was one of us, that he cared for us. And yet, nothing has improved and in many ways things have become even worse.

I had been planning on riding with Biden for months now. Ever since his Super Tuesday victory I was inspired to vote a man with real principles. His sharp and witty speeches have the potential to rally an entire nation. But then, he chose the absolute worst VP pick possible: Copmala Harris. A woman who aggressively prosecuted minorities and is not as black as Stacey Abrams. As I began my conversion to progressive politics, one of the first content producers I encountered was Hasan.

Hasan taught me that sometimes in order to be a real progressive you need to think outside the box. The Democratic establishment is not looking out for you! In fact, the DNC completely rigged the election against Communist Bernard Sanders. While I’m glad he is not the nominee, the DNC’s appalling corruption only parallels the deviousness of the Clinton Foundation. Hasan also had lots to say about Copmala. First of all, she is not a real progressive. She would physically drive around California and pull little black and brown children out of schools and lock them up. Harris’ tenure as the Jailor In Chief for California scarred the great socialist state for many years and it is in solidarity with my new black and brown brothers and sisters that I will vote against the Biden-Copmala ticket. Maybe the Democrats will get it right in 2024 but until then I’m a Republican again.

Volunteer Firefighter From Rural West Virginia

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