Bastiat Asks Wife To “Stay In His Line Of Sight” While He Retrieves Illegal Firearm

This is an extremely fresh and developing story ladies and gentleman but it appears that Bastiat has abandoned his stream and put on a boring Legal Eagle video while he retrieves a gun and chases his wife around his Florida mansion. Bastiat was upset with his wife for interrupting his stream and minutes later he asked her to “stay in his line of sight” while he retrieves an illegal firearm he purchased a few months back from the illegal alien he pays to tend to his pool.

Oh no no no

We will report back when we learn more. BNN hopes that this is not a repeat of the infamous Twitch pizza box incident when a hormonal female threw pizza boxes at her significant other and he became so enraged that he allegedly slapped her off stream, a tactic that the late and great Sean Connery endorsed.


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