Trump Should Mobilize Military To Ensure Fair And Free Election

As Donald Trump rushes around the country holding his final 2020 campaign victory rallies, the Democratic establishment is actively plotting to illegally steal the election from the American people. Shocking reports have emerged from districts like Ilhan Omar’s and Rashida Tlaib’s concerning the suppression of conservative voters. Allegedly the radical Somalian refugee Omar paid her supporters dirty money to gather up her ballots and destroy those that were against her and Sleepy Joe.

Many mailmen have been caught over the years simply failing to deliver the mail. These lazy, disgusting, and unproductive workers are mostly liberals as conservatives take pride in their work and always strive to do their best. Leaving this election up to the unreliable mailmen, many of whom may also be actively destroying ballots, is a crime against our democracy.

Several libtard scholars and professors have warned about the “very thin line” between protection and intimidation at the ballot box. Typically this argument is made because it is in their interest to have no one protecting the polling places so that illegals can vote and the old liberal women who mostly run the polling stations can conspire to inflate the vote count for Democrats. The military absolutely should be deployed to each and every polling place. And if Trump fails to do so then the responsibility falls naturally to the well-regulated independent militias all across this great land. So grab your gun and defend the sanctity of our election system. God bless.


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