Reader Letter: Colin Powell Death Goes To Show You That Vaccines Can’t Be Trusted

I am one of the few conservatives in my town who willingly took the vaccine back in April. I did have my concerns, but as someone who smokes and doesn’t really exercise I was scared of getting Covid-19 and dying. The days following both shots I didn’t know what would happen. I saw on Facebook that many people had bad side effects from the vaccines, including needing amputations and enlarged heart tissue. Thankfully I dodged those side effects.

But when I saw the news this morning, I wonder if the vaccine even is worth it. Colin Powell, one of my heroes as a black conservative, died from Covid-19 even after having both doses. It is doubtful that they treated him with Ivermectin which saved Joe Rogan and could have saved him. And before I am called an anti-vaxxer, I assure you I am following the science. They now say that the vaccines are only 50% effective against Delta. Who knows what is next? Omega variant? Epsilon variant? I wish I would have listened to my conservative friends months ago. I no longer trust that the vaccines are worth it.

-Diego Ramos
Pensacola, Florida

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