Katarana Considers Gender Transition So Dylan Can Remain A Homosexual

Dylan Burns’ long-term fuck partner Katarana is considering a sex change in order for Dylan to retain the benefits of being a homosexual online. Most will recall that only a couple short months ago Dylan used Katarana in an attempt to cancel a black competitor.

Katarana’s completely fabricated, or perhaps delusional, claims of sexual abuse were elevated by Dylan and his platform. People were astonished that Dylan and Katarana were fucking given that Dylan has very publicly claimed to be a queer and has previously used his sexual orientation in stream titles and in general as a marketing ploy.

Destiny even called into question Dylan’s sexual orientation during the Prime debacle. Dylan’s hate crime against Prime Cayes has gone relatively unpunished. The Hippy Dippy Podcast is going well and his numbers are great. Given this success, one must wonder why Katarana would become a man so Dylan can be gay again. Katarana’s proven inability to think for herself and Dylan’s history of using her for his own gain leads us to believe that Dylan told Katarana that she must become a man. It is the only logical conclusion.


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