Stardust Repulsed By Accusation That She Is Transgender

A few months ago, notorious right-wing chatter MeggyPooh87 pissed off Stardust after it came to light that Meggy believed Star to be transgender. No one is sure how or why Meggy believed this, whether it is the way that Stardust looks, her voice, or the amount of drugs that Meggy consumes daily. Perhaps a combination.

Star’s reaction to being called trans calls into question her support of the entire trans community. How can Stardust be an ally when she acts like being called trans is so terrible? Does Star think that all trans people are ugly or evil? If not, why did she react in this way? At the very least we can all agree that this was blatant transphobia from both Star and Meggy. Analyzing these moments to learn and grow benefits the entire community. In the future, if someone assumes you are trans don’t be upset like Stardust. Either embrace it and move on or say “no, but I love all trans people.”

-Gohndim (follow me on Twitter)

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