Destiny Celebrates Thanksgiving By Calling “Doe” Mentally Ill

Great food, the Lions losing, family, good cheer, and making fun of transgenders online, oh the joys of Thanksgiving! While most normal Americans are sitting around the table and enjoying a meal with their loved ones, many Twitch and Twitter personalities don’t have close families. Many others are still afraid of the Wuhan Flu and get anxious over the idea of talking politics with their more knowledgeable and experienced elders. Destiny is doing all terminally online and alone people a giant favor creating content by picking on a suicidal deer. No, not FerocisoulySteph, the other one.

Doe, who allegedly recently attempted to commit suicide, has been on a complete rampage lately. First she (or it or whatever, I honestly have no idea what pronouns a deer goes by at this point) started a massive fight with Riley Grace Roshong and almost drove her to a mental break. Now that she’s back on Twitter Doe seems to be engaging in a lot of the same behavior that caused her to feel so depressed in the first place. Some of you people just need to permanently log off for fucks sake.

While one could argue that Destiny isn’t exactly being constructive here, he is spot on. Why does Doe even care what Destiny has to say? Move on with your life. Destiny probably doesn’t even care that much. At heart he’s a rich shitposter who travels across the country (and the world) fucking fans while his biological son is being raised by someone else. A dream life for most of his viewers.

The real lesson for all of us is that none of this Twitter nonsense matters. On days like today our only duty is to celebrate life with family and friends. God is great and will be the ultimate judge of all of our actions. White people are not evil, and we owe nothing to the natives that we conquered in order to make a better society. Happy Thanksgiving all!

-Gohndim (follow me on Twitter)

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