Touring News Strikes Again With A Horrifying Slip of The Tongue

Unsurprisingly, it hasn’t taken Touring News long to find himself in another controversy. As you will recall, BNN was the first news site to cover the story regarding Touring’s disgusting rant about his own mother. You can find that earlier story here.

Earlier today, Touring was brainwashing his stream per usual by reading leftist news articles and providing his viewers with an extremely biased take on the news. At one point, James from ActDotTv, another socialist streamer, donated $10 to Touring. The clip of the donation can be found below.

In case this clip is deleted (the left LOVES censorship and meticulously scrubbing the past) let’s go through what happens. James, the man who openly makes guillotine memes on political panel shows, donated a measly $10 to Touring. But ten dollars is a lot to these leftist streamers who typically have never had a job and rely solely on their parents’ charity. James’ donation message was “in solidarity,” a violent alt-left dogwhistle. In response, Touring replies “Oh shit, well damn James. C’mon man, it isn’t supposed to be from other people I respect! Oh shit.”

James from ActDotTV making guillotine memes live on stream. Kswiftly to his left is also a communist and should be avoided as a matter of principle.

So, Touring News views his chatter as mere Pay Pigs, just like famous Twitch Thot Bad Bunny. Hopefully Touring News will reflect on this incident and make an honest effort to better himself and his appalling rhetoric. Until then, BNN is calling for a subscription and donation strike against the Touring News stream. God Bless.


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