Rotund Streamer Squashes Free Speech Once Again

Late last night the Baela New Network was FORCED to make a press release on the Bastiat discord server. After hours of debate with Bastiat himself in voice chat, the BNN Editorial Staff prepared a statement in conjunction with our favorite environmental destruction lawyer.

Before the BNN statement was released, Fatsiat himself posted a message on the channel “adx_florence,” the channel that used to be the “childrens only” channel and is now titled “azkaban” and is being used to share slutty pictures of Emma Watson.

Here is Bastiat’s fascist statement:

Please note that the statement received more “fork” reactions than “thumbs ups.”

BNN then swiftly released the following:

Dear loyal Baela News Network fans,

It is with a heavy heart that Pepper, Brad, and myself have to announce that we are being silenced. When we first started the Baela News Network our primary mission was to spread peace, love, and joy to the Bastiat community. Through our nearly one dozen articles we’ve seen a heartwarming amount of community engagement and it has put a smiled on our faces each and every day. Sadly, Bastiat has decided to ban ALL discussion of Baela News Network content from this Discord effective immediately. Make no mistake, Pepper, Brad, and myself argued back and forth with Bastiat for approximately 32 minutes in which we were totally not recording the audio of the conversation. During this intense discussion, Bastiat consumed two ice cream sandwiches with an estimated kilocal content of 340 each brought to him by Ms. Bastiat. Pepper and Gohndim are still allowed to exist in the Bastiat discord community but we are banned from meme’ing and whistling at dogs, or engaging in spreading community happiness. To that end, we will be bringing our memes to a brand new shiny discord called the “Bastiat True Fan Club.” Please DM Gohndim for an invite if you are interested in having a fun community that respects free speech and good ol’ fashioned intellectual discussions.

God Bless, The BNN Editorial Board

Where do we go from here?

Rest assured, BNN is going nowhere. Our mission is personal to each and every one of our founders, investors, affiliates, and groupies. In our new Discord server we will become more and more radicalized until our content reaches millions of viewers each and every day. In a way, Bastiat will be to blame for where our content goes from here. I only hope he can live with himself in three months when BNN is more popular than MSNBC.

-BNN Editorial Board

2 thoughts on “Rotund Streamer Squashes Free Speech Once Again

  1. The most discouraging part of this story to me is that fact that Bastiat ate TWO ice cream sandwiches during our debates. He was supposed to have started his diet back in February. Sigh.

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