Civil Unrest Brewing In Nearly Every State

America feels to be on the tipping point of mass panic and perhaps a second civil war. Around the country, millions of people are actively protesting in front of Governor’s mansions and in dense downtown areas against the liberal bat flu hoax.

As a true American patriot, it warms my heart to see my fellow citizens get off of their asses and fight back against fascism and cultural Marxism. Too long have the blue-collar workers simply been told that they are too stupid to change the system. Too long have the housewives been told that they can let themselves go and not stay beautiful for their men.

This country is in a fallen state and until recently I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to pull ourselves up. But these protests are rekindling a deep patriotic passion in the hearts of true Americans. While the liberals are comfortable at home masturbating and surviving off of poptarts, the real heart of this country yearns to be free and to restart the economy.

Credit: Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune

The only thing that concerns this observer about the protests is the blatant lack of firearms being brought to these demonstrations. We need to show our leaders that we are armed and prepared to do everything we can to fight back against communism. Recently. some grocery stores began to propose that shoppers are limited to certain hours based on their last name. Remember the last time that governments began creating lists? How did that turn out?

So while the liberals sit at home and applaud the collapse of free society, BNN urges all true patriots to take action into their own hands and liberate America. In the words of one of America’s greatest patriots: “thus always to tyrants.”


(cover photo credit: Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune)

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