Expanded Federal Reserve Balance Sheet Ushering In Era of Banker-run Socialism

While lefties and the economically illiterate praise the Federal Reserve’s (Fed) actions over the past couple of months, the expanded Fed balance sheet indicates that a secret cabal of banker elites are preparing to take over the economy.

With every “money printer go brrr” meme spread by larping socialists online, the Federal Reserve is purchasing more and more assets, expanding their secret role and control of the world economy. Many think that the Fed is simply continuing a function that they’ve performed for many decades, but they’ve tactically decided that this plague is the opportune time to ally with the big banks to gobble up equities and usher in an era of banker-run socialism.

The Fed has never before bought assets outside of mortgage-backed securities and US Treasuries. They’ve conveniently decided that this time is different and have been gobbling up corporate debt. With every purchase, the control over the economy, and the human race, becomes more and more concentrated in the hands of a few elites. Whoever said that the revolution would be violent didn’t understand the consequences of supporting the dipshit policy of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT).

Buying corporate debt is essential a strategic seizure of the means of production. With nearly six trillion U.S. dollars on the books, the Fed has swindled people into believing that their “bailouts” are a positive for American workers.

And when it comes to the small-business loans, the Fed and their strategic banking partners, have decided to give out loans that they absolutely know that little mom-and-pop restaurants cannot pay back. They will be “forced” to seize millions of small-businesses over the next year to recoup their “investment.” And to think that all of this is happening due to some slick financial manipulation of balance sheets by creating fake money out of thin air.

In his 2019 State of the Union address, President Trump emphatically stated that “America will never be a socialist country.” Perhaps he was right, because at the rate that the Fed is buying up assets with magic helicopter money, we will be living in a tyrannical communist society within a couple of years. Think about this: the Fed balance sheet of just over six trillion dollars is one-third of the US GDP. They own us, the companies we work for, our mortgages, and all of our debt. We work for them now.

-A high-level Vatican official

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