What InvaderVie Got Right About Twitch Viewers

Notorious e-thot InvaderVie recently went on a drug-fueled tirade against her own community over their inability to subscribe and donate to her channel. It appears that the global Chinese bat flu hoax has finally caught up to many Twitch users and some of them can no longer afford to SIMP (subscribe) to three-dozen channels at the same time.

While it is a bit surprising that many of the incels living in their parent’s house are running low on money, it is not a surprise that InvaderVie is one of the first content creators they are unSIMPing to en masse. InvaderVie is worse to her audience than BadBunny. In the notorious clip, Vie essentially calls her audience poor people who lack personal financial responsibility. The full clip is linked below.


In a move that shocked no one, thousands of overly-sensitive Twitch chatter and Redditors spread the clip like wildfire, lampooning Vie’s rhetoric. While I definitely agree that “call to actions” in which content creators beg for money by verbally abusing their viewers is tacky and shameful, it’s about time that someone defends the broader point that InvaderVie is making.

InvaderVie expressly states that $20 is a good chunk of money, heck you can get a nice meal for $20. Twenty bucks might fill up your entire gas tank right now. Twenty bucks is the cost of a lap dance at my backwoods strip club where my cousin Lucille works on Thursday nights. But the cost of a sub is only five dollars and that is nothing. Do you think William Gates sees a paper Lincoln on the ground and wastes time picking it up?

The truth is that most of the fucking poor lazy people on Twitch SHOULD get their asses off and be more productive, as InvaderVie urges. We’ve begun to normalize laziness and poverty in this country by always blaming the government, or the “system.” When did the concepts of personal responsibility and hard work die?

Here’s the straight dope. I need to tell you this because your overly protective, spineless parents haven’t yet. You are a lazy, entitled fuck who needs to develop some practical (and social) skills. Get the fuck off the internet and make some money. Five dollars isn’t much at all. To quote InvaderVie: “…what you mean to say is, I’m so irresponsible with my money I can’t support the entertainment I enjoy.” Gottem.


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