Bastiat Tells Potentially Depressed Viewer That You Should Be Able To Kill Yourself

Over the past nine months Bastiat has taken many peculiar stances. From defending incestual relationships to advocating for first cousin marriages, to desperately justifying the Iraq War, Bastiat’s moral bankruptcy knows no end.

It should not be surprising that Bastiat would come out with yet another abhorrent take, but this time it went a step too far. After discussing the very tragic death of Mr. Peanut of Planters fame, a distressed viewer asked Bastiat if one should be able to end their own life. Bastiat’s cold, callous response is emblematic of the morality he employs as a Neoliberal. Watch the clip below.

Bastiat provided advice about suicide.

During this very same stream, Bastiat also joked about Jeffery Epstein hanging with bed sheets around his neck, a joke designed to desensitize the Twitch audience to the deeply emotional issue of suicide and depression.

This is the very first time since BNN’s founding that we’ve considered changing our beloved name. As our audience knows, BNN was named after Frederic Bastiat, not the chunky Twitch streamer Bastiat. However, even one person thinking that BNN is remotely connected to someone who so casually advocated for suicide has given us pause.


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