Fat Manlet Attacks Successful Streamer For Clout

Bastiat finds himself in a Twitter spat once again, this time with one of the biggest political streamers on Twitch, Destiny. Destiny posted a “ultra scalding hot take” on his friend’s Twitter account (he has been banned from Twitter and hasn’t made a new account) saying that the Franklin Templeton employee who was fired for “racism” should not have been let go. In essence Destiny argued that the employee has every right to be racist in her free time, which maintains intellectual consistency with his previous stance on using the “N” word in private.

Bastiat saw an opportunity to attack and immediately typed out a response with his pudgy sausage-like fingers. Some of his long and rather unfettered response can be seen below.

Bastiat is an idiot

Bastiat just has to use the word “racist.” He knows that the more he insinuates that Destiny is defending a racist the more support he will get from Trihex’s and Kormantine’s communities and other people who have been disenfranchised by Destiny’s use of slurs.

This entire exchange seems like a blatant attempt to cause drama, and on Bastiat’s part, to hop onto the drama train for exposure. The only question I really have is why is Bastiat tweeting at Destiny’s friend during work hours, and should his employer be able to fire him for it?


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