Joe Biden Provides Exclusive Statement To BNN

Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters. We are more than pleased to announce that BNN received an exclusive statement from Joe “Dementia” Biden concerning the Floyd riots. BNN first reached out to Joe a few days ago but he finally responded to our email after I told him that a response would trigger an immediate $25,000 donation to his campaign.

I simply asked Creepy Uncle Joe if I could get a comment on these destructive riots. What follows is his response.

“Well look. There has been a lot of racial tension in this country for many years. I can remember back in 1968 when I made my third black friend, or was it 1963? Anyway, I love black people. I was Obama’s Vice President. Today, I have at least 14 black friends.”

“And I’ve been a leader on racial issues my entire career. My entire career. This is why I thought it would be a good idea to keep whites and blacks on separate buses. Floyd’s death was a tragedy but that’s what you get when whites and blacks are mingling on public transportation.”

I would like to thank Joementia for his response to our numerous emails.


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