It’s Time To Roll In The Tanks

How much property destruction and unwarranted violence are we going to tolerate as a country? Defenders of these ongoing riots attempt to detach the destruction from the peaceful protests. And certainly, there are a good number of peaceful protesters. People who are only coming out because they are unemployed and bored.

But there has been immense property destruction and violence in nearly every state, with rioting and looting springing up even in rural areas. In Northern Minnesota a gas station employee was dragged and beaten after a band of thieves attempted to rob the place.

Allowing these protests, peaceful or not, to continue is also allowing for violent, evil vagrants to loot and pillage our beautiful country. No one is denying that the death of George Floyd was a murder. But you don’t achieve justice for George by stealing shampoo and tampons from big box retailers.

Every mom and pop shop that is torched is another person you are turning against your cause. If anything, these riots have turned millions of Americans into “Blue Lives Matters” supporters. One could argue that these protests are doing more to divide this country along racial lines than the entire presidency of Barack Obama.

If you’re being honest, part of the reason for these protests is simply to make Trump look back. To scuttle his chances of re-election. News flash libtards, Trump is going to win in a fucking landslide in November. Be thankful that he hasn’t authorized unlimited use of lethal force against ALL rioters yet. BNN is once again calling on the President to roll in the tanks and to spin up the drones.

Bastiat also calls for aggressive military intervention

Do the right thing Mr. President. Protect the gentle, law-abiding citizens of this great country before the liberals destroy it.


1 thought on “It’s Time To Roll In The Tanks

  1. Incredible how the script changed overnight from “if you go outside without a mask you’re a monster” to “if you don’t support rioting and looting you’re a racist”.

    In these deranged leftists’ perfect world George Floyd would have been killed for not social distancing instead of a counterfeit twenty

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