Jail All People Who Stream And Broadcast Floyd Riots

Hundreds, nay thousands of disgusting communist sympathizers decided to broadcast the Floyd riots to their small communities over the past few days. Their primary goal was to amplify the reverse racism rhetoric against white cops and to encourage looting. All of these streamers should be jailed for aiding the domestic terrorism organization known as “ANTIFA.”

To that end, BNN has compiled a list of Twitch streamers who have participated in broadcasting these destructive, immoral riots:

  • Aidanwould (interfered with police scanner activity)
  • Mike the Lawyer from Pennsylvania
  • TheSerfsTV
  • Bastiat
  • Freemz
  • GeekWitGlassesTV (easy target, won’t be able to afford lawyer or bail)
  • MarcMunky (also poor, easy target)
  • Imreallyimportant (actually attended a rally, incited violence)
  • Wavy (developed “Looting Handbook” and sent to Antifa)

BNN’s special domestic terrorism team will be working tirelessly over the next few weeks to send information to law enforcement and bring these instigators to justice. God bless America, and allow God’s love to wash over this country and heal our nation.


4 thoughts on “Jail All People Who Stream And Broadcast Floyd Riots

  1. I hearby order all individuals 6’4 or midgeter to accompany these streamers to prison in solidarity. This country NEEDS it’s citizens to reach great heights than ever before during these times of mayhem and destruction.

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