Tonight at 5pm EST, former President Barack Obama is set to talk to the nation about the Floyd protests in an online video. Obama will certainly attempt to indirectly blame Trump for the destruction that has unfolded over the past week or so. Perhaps he will even claim to have left a “Police Reform Handbook” in the Oval Office that doesn’t truly exist.

The hypocrisy of Obama talking on this issue is extremely deep. What did he do while in office for 8 years? Well, more harm for good if we’re being honest. The nation was never divided more along racial lines than when Obama was President. His failed leadership soured many Conservative and Independents on the prospects of minorities being in postitions of power. This is part of the reason why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is hated, despite her above average attractiveness that typically resonates with rural white voters.

Looking to Obama to solve our problems will only create more. After 8 painful years of watching the country devolve and be embarrassed on the world stage, the least Obama can do is dispensary forever, along with Hillary Clinton. Perhaps they can both move into Epstein’s now vacant island. They are familiar with it after all.


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  1. Obama is awfully involved in american politics for someone who was born in Zimbabwe 🤔

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