End The Attacks On Our Boys In Blue

Libtards across the nation are actively celebrating the destruction of small businesses and the looting of great corporations such as Target. Target’s dividend yield is approximately 2.17% and the stock has appreciated more than 53% over the past five years. Why loot and burn them down and undermine this financial performance?

Of course, the radical elements of the alt-alt-left always need to take things one more step. Progressives have to remain progressives after all. They will never get what they want because the goal post is always moving.

Protesting wasn’t enough, they had to riot. Rioting wasn’t enough, they had to loot. Looting large corporations wasn’t enough, they had to burn small businesses. And unfortunately for our boys in blue, property destruction wasn’t enough, they had to attack law enforcement.

Many stories have broken about apparent police violence during these violent riots. Not much has been said about the numerous attacks on the police and National Guard. Fox News did an amazin’ story that summarized the attrocities seen across the country.


These crimes include hit and runs, actual bullets being fired, and various physical assaults. Thousands of police officers have been injured attempting to save civilization. One officer from Las Vegas is in critical condition after being shot in the head.

What a way to honor George Floyd. What a way to tarnish what could have been a pivotal moment in police reform. Libtards have again shown that they absolutely suck at organizing around a coherent message. Their failure to unite around an actual platform of reform and instead devolve into shouting and property destruction undermines the entire cause. The protests are sure to go on for some time, in however a diminished capacity. I only pray that the violent physical assaults on our boys in blue cease.


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