Twitch Streamers Self-Report Average IQ of 138

A recently completed Pew Research Poll found that Twitch streamers self-report an average IQ of 138. To put this in perspective, IQ is normalized around a score of 100 with ~64% of people falling somewhere between a score of 85 and 115.

IQ Test Scale
Most Twitch streamers are probably sub 90 IQ

Pew asked 687 Twitch streamers to take at least 14 online IQ tests and average their scores after removing the two highest and lowest results. Of the 687 streamers who were asked to participate 514 responded, one of whom asked how to average her scores.

It’s not surprising that streamers think of themselves as having a “superior intelligence.” The platform is plump full of streamer panels where relative nobodies with little to no education or real world experience pretend to be experts on current affairs and policy matters.

Panels like these have names such as “The Big Brain Podcast” and “Smart People Only.” Of all the panels on Twitch, only one has a relatively accurate name, the “Hippie Dippie Podcast” where DylanBurnsTV bring together some of the most radical, unkept new-age hippies to talk about smoking pot and binge-eating fast food and occasionally foreign policy.

Big Brain Podcast Ep. 11 ft. Destiny, HasanABI, & More - YouTube
Smartest Twitch streamers discuss using the N-word in 2019…

The immense value that these panels has brought to normal everyday people is immeasurable. I’ve learned so much from Pxie, Hasan, and the other intellectual heavyweights that help drive the Twitch IQ to 138.


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