“Death To All American Men” Says New Twitch Podcast

While the American homeland has been preoccupied with the highly coordinated and widespread Floyd riots, a new threat to freedom has been brewing north of the border. A radical group of men haters (feminists) organized by Plethora95, have started a new podcast where they discuss at great length their plans to destroy American males.

Plethora, who came to fame by tweeting alt-right dog whistles, vows “to completely eviscerate the concept of maleness.” On the most recent Far North Femmes show, four radical Canadian women made a tier list of American male celebrities who should be destroyed first.

What is even more disgusting is that on their inaugural episode Plethora and the girls decided to bring on VoiceboxTV, a lovely man who has not one ounce of hate in his heart. The cast of radical pro-Canadian nationalist feminists then proceeded to emotionally torture Voicebox for the next four hours, shaming him for his maleness.

The BNN investigative team also uncovered that Plethora95 has been using various online dating profiles to lure American men across the border for years, and many of them are never heard from again. At least nine such cases have been uncovered and we are certain that this is just the tip of the iceberg. BNN speculates that the person that the FBI calls the “Candian Black Widow” is in fact Plethora95.

Let this serve as a warning to all men that encounter Plethora95, whether in real life or on the internet. SIMPing for this Canadian feminist might just be the death of you.


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