Pxie’s Speaking Patterns Analyzed, Most Used Word Is “Like”

BNN recently compiled a transcript of everything that Pxie has said in the past few months and the results are quite frankly shocking. Many leftist pundits often attempt to put down the President by saying that he speaks at a fourth grade level. While BNN furiously rejects the assertion that the President speaks “simply,” Pxie certainly does.

With over 4800 sentences analyzed it was determined that Pxie’s most used word is “like” followed closely by “umm,” “super,” “really,” “just,” and “duper.”

Pxie’s word cloud

A few examples of sentences that Pxie employed on the most recent Hippy Dippy podcast are:

“I think that like, woman should be able to like, make their own decision and like it’s not really up to men.

“Umm, that’s a good question. I think like, maybe you are not considering like the impacts on the mother, like a contract is not really going to work here.

“If I’m like being honest I’m not super duper like umm informed on the topic so like I think I umm have said like what I want.”

And we also have a bonus clip to illustrate Pxie’s perfect prose.

Pxie educates Bastiat on life

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