Memewaves Spends Over $900 On Date With An E-Girl

Mindwaves, the outspoken leader of “The Mayo Six,” took a break from criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement to spend time repairing his image as a sexist. Accusations of sexism have existed for nearly Mindwaves’ entire career. From shouting down Pxie, to snapping at Aidanwould, Mindwaves clearly has had a problematic relationship with females.

BNN sent various clips and vods to a Harvard psychologist for comment and her findings are shocking. An excerpt of the psychologist’s 28 page report reads:

“This Mindwaves fellow expresses clear contempt for females and those remotely presenting as females. In all of my years of studying sexists, I’m not sure I’ve encountered a more troubled young man. Most likely Mindwaves was breastfed for too long or has a micropenis and now resents all females.”

So in an obvious and transparent attempt to erase all of the hours of sexist content that he has streamed from his viewer’s minds, Mindwaves sunk to a new low. He paid the notorious Canadian radical feminist Plethora95 over $900 to spend four plus hours talking on stream. Plethora, a good friend of BNN, confirmed that the stream was in fact a paid date via Discord.

Wow, just wow

BNN encourages all of our readers to not easily forget all of Mindwaves’ problematic content in the past. Yes, we should allow people to grow, learn, and change. But it is hard to easily forgive someone who has actively tried to suppress and attack female Twitch streamers. Hopefully Mindwaves continues to make progress on his relationships with females, but sexists are like alcoholics, once you are one you never fully give it up.


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