Tear Down All Martin Luther King Jr. Statues

Many will naively assume that this article is directly in response to the recent resurgence of tearing down Confederate monuments. It certainly is not. In fact, I fully support the removal of all Confederate statues and monuments. Traitors and defenders of slavery should not be honored and glorified in any way, shape, or form.

Numerous leftists have rightly pointed out that statues are primarily erected to glorify the people they represent. And the glorification of any one person is dangerous and quite frankly stupid. People are incredibly flawed, never perfect, and the shifting moral values of societies often cause us to look back at former heroes as rather disgusting individuals.

Martin Luther King Jr. is no exception. MLK jr. was a known philanderer and FBI documents discovered in 2019 paint a pretty abhorrent picture of a sexual offender. David J. Garrow, a MLK jr. historian, wrote an illuminating article outlining the new evidence that indicates that MLK raped one of his followers and on another occasion watched his friend rape a women as he watched and laughed.

The full FBI documents and evidence will not be released until 2027, but society should not wait idly by and allow MLK’s statues to stay erect. Tear them down immediately along with nearly all other public statues. Remember, as many leftists say statues primarily server to glorify the individuals they represent, and this alone is a good reason to remove them.


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