Touring News Hospitalized With COVID-19 After Attending Riots In Philly

Source: Touring New's Twitter

BNN’s dear friend Touring News has been hospitalized with Chinese Bat Flu after recently attending riots in Philadelphia. The latest Philly riots were put together by ANTIFA in an attempt to destroy popular pro-slavery monuments such as The Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.

Touring went to the hospital early this morning despite having no insurance and no money to pay for any potential bills. He provided updates via his Twitter page, indicating that doctors told him that his immune system is very weak as he hasn’t been exposed to many viruses as he spends all day in a cold garage streaming by himself.

BNN reached out to Touring for comment and he provided us with the following statement:

“Look, I think I’m going to be OK, but if something does happen I’m just glad the news will continue to be told through reputable, trustworthy organizations like the Bastiat News Network. I’d also like to tell all of the rioters and looters to go home. It is not worth it. We can loot Walgreens and Targets later when there isn’t a pandemic. I’d also like to apologize for having a giant stick up my ass these last 27 years. When or if I return to streaming I will allow all emotes and be more charitable to other people’s opinions. God bless!”

We are pulling for you Touring, please make a speedy recovery! In the meantime, please show Touring News some love and support on his Twitter (before it is too late).


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