Reader Letter: BNN Mask Has Protected Me From COVID-19

Dear BNN,

I bought a BNN facemask and mug in June of 2020 and I am happy to report that despite being unvaccinated I have yet to fall ill with the Wuhan Flu. I live in a liberal hellhole called San Francisco where every day I am pressured by my brainwashed classmates, teachers, and randoms on the street to wear a mask and keep my distance. If I’m being completely honest, I haven’t wore a mask since last April. But I know many people who were extremely diligent who came down with COVID. I can’t help to think that the BNN mask I exclusively wore prevented me from dying. I owe BNN everything. Thank you so much BNN for keeping my spirits high, and COVID droplets out of my system.

-Marcus L.

Thank you for that letter Marcus. And if YOU want to be protected from COVID, consider getting your own BNN mask at the teespring store.

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