The Clinton Foundation’s Role In Developing Bat Flu “Vaccines”

In order to speed up the development of multiple COVID-19 vaccines The Clinton Foundation graciously provided funding to various agencies and drug producers. As we all know, the Clinton Foundation doesn’t do a anything out of the kindness of their own hearts. They have a secret agenda that William and Hillary have crafted and refined over a lifetime of crime and defrauding American taxpayers. It turns out that in exchange for providing money to support the development of the vaccine the Clinton Foundation secured a guarantee that they would receive the first 250,000 doses.

What is even worse is that there are reports that the Clintons have been working closely with Bill Gates and Jack Ma of Alibaba to ensure that the second round of vaccine doses are laced with nanobots capable of signaling back to government control centers with vital information about a person including their location, blood oxygen levels, and heart rate. A top Clinton Foundation scientist said that this is “for the benefit of broader society.”

The mainstream media is completely ignoring the reports that receiving a Bat Flu vaccine will expose you to these tiny government controlled nanobots. And, if the government and the Clintons are able to influence the vaccine design, how can we even know it is safe? It is easy to imagine a scenario in which the Bat Flu was created in a lab and intentionally released. The long-term effects of this virus are not known. Who is to say that in another fifteen years that 80% of the male population will become mysteriously ill and drop dead? We already know that the virus was designed to kill more men than women, indicative liberal plot.

BNN highly encourages all people to strongly consider not getting vaccinated. The first three to seven waves of the COVID-19 vaccine could very well be laced or kill you outright. Truly a case of the cure being worse than the disease.


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