Study Finds That Wearing A Mask Increases Likelihood Of Dying From COVID-19

A brand new study from the International Institution Of Scientific Medicine and Logic found that those who wear masks are more likely to die from the Chinese Bat Flu. The study followed 12,197 Americans from April 15th to June 30th. People who “regularly” wore masks were four times more likely to die from complications related to Bat Flu than those who never wore a mask.

Wearing a mask did not change the probability of contracting the flu-like virus, but once infected the regular mask wearers are more or less goners. Dr. Toni Fawcett speculated that “people who wear masks are typically lazy people with a below average intellectual capacity.” He continued, saying “…these people normally are less healthy and weaker both physically and spiritually than the strong God-fearing Americans that live in rural areas.”

One positive note for those who still feel compelled to wear masks after hearing about this study is that President Donald Trump has been vindicated as it was also found that hydroxychloroquine does in fact combat the virus. Drug companies have now halted work on vaccines as hydroxychloroquine as proven to be a silver bullet treatment.

All true American Patriots can rest easy tonight as masks don’t work and all of the mask mandates will be revoked soon. If not, then this is further proof that these unconstitutional orders were really about spreading communism the entire time.


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