Ruth Bader Ginsburg Catches COVID Again, Shattering Myth Of Immunity

coffin at a cemetery

The country received terrible news when CNN reported that RBG was hospitalized for getting an “infection.” Conservatives across the country rightly rejoiced as the path to destroying a woman’s right to choose and preserving the God-given right to life is becoming more clear. The sad part about this hospitalization is that it is confirmation that Chinese Bat Flu immunity may only last a little over 3 months.

As BNN reported on April 1st of this year, RBG has already contracted the Bat Flu. The fact that RBG has been sick once before and supposedly recovers raises two interesting questions:

  • If people are getting infected multiple times, how over-inflated are the infection rate numbers? Who is to say that the numbers that CNN and John Hopkins have been reporting are the results of a small number of people getting the virus MULTIPLE times?
  • If RBG can survive the Bat Flu, how deadly can it really be?

All of this points to Conservatives being right about this flu. We never should have shut down, the numbers are arbitrarily high, and young people really don’t have much to worry about if people like RBG can survive it.


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