The Shameless Self-Promoters of Twitch

BNN recently conducted an actual survey of the streamers who constantly spam their links in small political streamer discords. These shameless self-promoters constantly barrage these small safe places with links to their incredibly boring and dull streams. This is why they have to spam so much in the first place, they simply cannot gain enough natural growth.

For this survey, BNN evaluated the last ten stream links that were shared in the “self-promotion” channels in IRI’s, Aidanwould’s, GeekWitGlasses’, Freemz’s, and Plethora95’s discords. And honestly the results were not at all shocking.

Of the total possible 50 points, only two streamers made it to double digits. Trekkie69 and KingfisherGames both finished with FOURTEEN links to their dumb channels. Third place was a massive EIGHT points behind the two shameless streamers who tied for first.

Idiot self-promoters

As you can see there are plenty of great, respectable members of these respective communities who want to share their content with interested folks. No one needs to see Kingfisher Games and Trekkie69 spam their links twelve gigatwillion times. We get it, you stream on Twitch to 3 viewers. Focus on your boring stream content instead of spending time pasteing your link everywhere.


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