Mike’s Chat Malds Over Michelle’s Moving DNC Speech

Former first lady Michelle Obama capped off the inaugural night of the Democratic Nationalist Convention with a scathing assessment of Trump’s first term contrasted with her personal, first-hand experience with Joe Biden. Progressive hero Bernard Sanders’ speech was criticized by members of the far left, calling it “ignorant of how many people Joe Biden will kill.”

For most moderates and rational people the first night was a refreshing reminder that most Democratic politicians are not as insane as Twitch politics might indicate. All of the progressive policies pushed for by socialist Sanders and his evil coworker Elizabeth Warren were completely ignored, not even mentioned. It was a night focused on building bridges and coming together. Except for Mike the Lawyer’s chat…

Guillotines, such fun!

Mike really shouldn’t be blamed for his chat though as he is a well-meaning dude. Right after his chat got done berating a strong black woman’s speech he decided to do some praxis and raid “a black woman content creator Kswiftly.”


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