Bastiat Laughs At Gun Violence Survivor Gabrielle Giffords

During the third and most boring night of the DNC yet, Bastiat openly laughed and mocked Gabrielle Giffords as she told her story and called for action on gun reform. Bastiat had to cover his mouth as he chortled into his palm, at one point saying “every time one of these idiots speaks I donate another $100 to the NRA, which is only about twenty-two minutes of my labor.”

Giffords was shot many years ago and that is what she is primarily known for. Joe Biden is now using her to push an evil and vile agenda that includes confiscating guns and forced sterilization of people associated with domestic independent militia groups. While gun reform is reprehensible and disgusting, there was no reason to laugh at Gabrielle Giffords simply because she has a hard time speaking due to her injuries. Bastiat’s laughter was borderline ableist and BNN has sent the clip to Remthebathboi for his official opinion.


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