Sensitive Libtard Imreallyimportant Threatens To Cancel BNN

Imreallyimportant (IRI), one of the numerous ResidentSleeper liberal Twitch politics streamer has threatened to “cancel BNN.” While playing Stardew Valley (much more interesting than his normal content but it’s pretty yikes to watch a 38-year old play videogames) IRI compared BNN to the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, saying that “despite being satire, BNN is the moral equivalent of radical Muslim extremists blowing themselves up in crowds to get a point across.” IRI continued bemoaning his mistreatment by the independent media, furthering the terrorist comparison by saying “look what we did to the Taliban when they harbored terrorists. I’m fed up with it. I am pissed off.”

The stream became extremely awkward when IRI began to choke up and cry. He immediately turned off his camera in a moment of intense shame and embarrassment. At one point, feeling that everyone was against him he screamed through his tears “I don’t care, I’ve on alone on my stream before and I will do it again. Do you think I care if no one like me? I don’t really like me.” The deleted vod was saved by a loyal fan and may be released at a future date.

During most of the stream IRI was completely unhinged, triggered by the fact that BNN has had to devote numerous articles to his scummy behavior. First, IRI decided to attack the Bastiat community after he himself let a minor on his new streamer panel who proceeded to destroy The Battle Lounge and Dylan Burns on foreign policy issues. BNN first covered that embarrassment here.

Almost a week ago, BNN also was forced by our journalistic duties to cover the story about IRI mobilizing his community to deplatform a minority on Twitch for expressing his opinions. Brigading is against Twitch and Discord terms of service and BNN is hopeful that these companies will quickly purge IRI and his dangerous community from these spaces. And yesterday, we exposed IRI’s plot to develop a subscription service to coach streamers in order to help them achieve as little as he has over his streaming career. If you cannot do, teach.

BNN has received our share of hate mail over the past four months. Numerous streamers, and even more of their SIMPs, have contacted BNN begging us to remove articles. We’ve even been threatened with a lawsuit. Alas, we are still here. We’ll be here tomorrow. We’ll be here in November to celebrate Trump’s reelection. We’ll be here long after the New York Times runs out of money. Our dedication to delivering high-quality Twitch-related journalism will not be dampened by a whiny 38-year old who has nothing better to do with his life than to read CNN articles to 46 viewers on a Thursday night. Try to cancel us idiot.


3 thoughts on “Sensitive Libtard Imreallyimportant Threatens To Cancel BNN

  1. Typical liberal always crying over nothing. He wouldn’t know a real terrorist if one hijacked his next flight.

  2. On one hand I feel bad for Guy but I also very much love pepper. Hopefully they can come to terms and talk about their shared interests and values. Wish guy would not be so full of vengeance tho.

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