15-Year Old Destroys Supposed Intelligence Analyst On China

New streamer Juice_C_J made his Twitch panel debut on Imreallyimportant’s stream tonight. At first, Juice, also known as Brad, had trouble getting onto IRI’s stream. But after a glowing endorsement from Bastiat, IRI finally let the fifteen year old on and things sure got explosive.

Brad started off slowly talking about Zoomer TikTok politics but eventually showed his true power level by exposing himself as an indisputable expert on Communist China. Brad completely eviscerated every Imperialist argument thrown at him by IRI, The Battle Lounge (Supreme), and later Dylan Burns.

Supreme was so triggered that he claimed to have spent ten years as an “Intelligence Analyst” focusing on Chinese issues. The claim was immediately called into question as Brad trounced Supreme on every single issue that came up. Supreme had no understanding or familiarity of the basic data and claims that Brad was confidently making.

Dylan Burns was so upset that he was basically incomprehensible. He quickly devolved into long-winded monologues that were utterly devoid of any substance. His gish galloping did not distract Brad who again quickly destroyed every claim he actually made.

A main point of contention was the alleged Uyghur ethnic cleansing that is supposedly happening in China. Supreme and Dylan pretended to be incredibly concerned about the Muslim population in China but when Brad challenged them on America’s deplorable actions in the Middle East they simply refused to accept any valid criticism of America’s foreign policy. At one point Dylan Burns claimed that Brad “hates Muslims” despite Brad’s repeated criticism of American atrocities against Muslims.

Brad effectively fended off the baseless attacks and claims made by all three of his assailants, who despite their dogpiling made no progress peddling their Pro-Imperialist agenda. Sadly, even an appearance by Bastiat himself could do nothing to stop Brad’s intellectual rampage. Supreme snapped at Bastiat, telling him “Shut the fuck up you Neoliberal bitch and let me handle this.” And handle it he did not.

When the dust settled, it was clear that Brad won the debate. Brad, a fifteen year old zoomer who primarily watches TikTok videos, won in a fucking landslide.

Brad destroyed three established streamers

This is why Twitch is so fucking embarrassing. Three “established” streamers who regularly bloviate on any and every issue, usually on panels, got absolutely demolished by a fifteen year old Communist. IRI was so depressed, frustrated, and defeated that he kicked Brad off the show. Kudos to Brad, we will be watching his career with great interest.


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  1. Brad really opened my eyes tonight to some uncomfortable truths. A few of the streamers i once believed were experts turned out to be phonies and frauds, meanwhile i was forced to confront some of the atrocities my own country has committed. As president trump said, america isnt so innocent itself and we should keep that in mind when holding china to a standard we couldnt pass ourselves. I can proudly say I support the vision of xi jinping and wish china nothing but the best in the 21st century. Thank you brad!!

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