Jewish Streamer Imreallyimportant Brigades Innocent Black Man With Hate

In early August on the A4Andre podcast watched by no more than 15 people, a dubious claim was made by a panel participant that “antisemitism was thousands of years old”. This claim, a clear falsehood and perfect example of an inferiority complex, was called out by the African-American streamer jonehundred in a short clip describing the historical oppression of black people by Jews. Imreallyimportant, a Democratic Jew, was clearly enraged by this claim and ordered his community to mass report jonehundred in order to get him banned off of Twitch.

IRI breaking Twitch TOS with a hateful attack against a minority

This disgusting act was intended to silence a free thinking black man on Twitch, similar to what happened to Kanye West and DeSean Jackson which is especially heinous in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. Imreallyimportant has placed his knee on the neck of free speech on Twitch and is blatantly breaking Twitch TOS by mass reporting another streamer.

BNN encourages all readers of this article to mass report Imreallyimportant for brigading. In order to do so, click on IRI’s name in the previous sentence. Then, click on the three little dots next to the sub button. A report form will pop up. On the first page, select “somewhere else.” On the second page select “on another site or service.” Then choose “inciting brigading or malicious raids.” Finally, some text boxes pop up and in the final box copy and paste in: “IRI spammed his discord multiple times to get his hateful community to mass report an African-American stream with whom he has some petty differences.” Easy. You will be rewarded with a screen as follows and will be offered to block IRI, which you should do.

Block this disgusting, hateful person

Thanks to all of the BNN loyalists who will surely report IRI for the vile hate that he encourages and incites on his discord server.

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  1. That cracka ass white boy is lucky he typing from behind a computer screen. If i ever see him in the street i will leave him in a puddle of blood and urine

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