Hasan Rages During Rajj Patel Podcast, Blocks Bastiat and Melina

Despite finishing first on the Rajj Patel Podcast, Hasan Piker once again found a way to turn what should have been a happy moment into an opportunity to create drama and burn bridges. Hasan was thoroughly eviscerated by Bastiat during the final round, making himself look like an utter fool. At one point, Hasan claimed that the US Military is full of “disgusting, stinky poor people” and essentially called the entire institution a “poor farm.”

Bastiat correctly dismantled this argument using facts and logic, citing data that shows that the middle class is actually over represented in the military as well as Southerners for complex historical reasons. Hasan, knowing he was cornered after making an argument that he never looked the data up on in the first place, completely changed the goal posts and immediately said that everyone in America is poor and therefore his argument holds. There is evidence that Destiny, Hasan’s former best friend, was directly feeding Bastiat line during the show, particularly on this topic.

Hasan’s hatred for Destiny goes back more than a year now. Hasan‘s initial partnership with Destiny in the Twitch politics sphere was short-lived as audiences quickly realized that Hasan has a tendency to speak forever and take five minutes to say what Destiny can succinctly explain in a few sentences. Hasan’s disgust for Destiny even extends to Melina and Bastiat. He views Melina as merely a stupid female who attached herself to Destiny for money and clout and Bastiat as simply a D.GG plant. Hasan respects Bastiat slightly more than Melina though as she is a female. See the following chat logs of Hasan the Hun in his own Twitch chat.

Hasan’s view on women

Hasan also felt a need to reduce SuspectSushi to his skin color. And of course, he call Bastiat a Destiny clone in order to get his audience to unequivocally hate everything that Bastiat says.


If it makes you feel any better, Hasan doesn’t have much respect for anyone, especially the Rajj Patel audience.


It was reported by a handful of Hasan moderators that after the podcast Hasan blocked Melina and Bastiat on every platform imaginable. In a sense Hasan was right about Bastiat being a Destiny clone as he effectively dismantled every disingenuous argument that Hasan raised during the final. All of this will make it very hard for Rajj Patel to schedule more shows as Hasan refuses to be on a show with Destiny and now will do the same for Melina and Bastiat. It must be hard living with such a fragile ego, although Hasan’s piles of cash that he has accumulated while larping as a communist intellectual probably helps a bit.


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