Fragile And White Bastiat Put Into His Place By Black Man

Crybaby screecher Bastiat was firmly put into his place by African American professional panel host PrimeCayes on Monday night. Once again, Bastiat found himself the laughing stock of the twitch political community as he whined about the moderation techniques used by PrimeCayes after being respectfully told to “shut the fuck up” after screaming with no coherent points for 45 minutes. Even D.GG – one of Bastiat’s most loyal bases of fans – were found mocking him accusing him of MALDING and posting emotes of a baby describing Bastiat during the panel.

Bastiat MOCKED by average Twitch viewers

In a true “I’m taking my ball and going home” sore loser fashion, Bastiat threatened to never go on the PrimeCayes panel again after this confrontation. This is odd since Bastiat should be used to being dominated by black men due to his personal lifestyle preferences.

Idiot Bastiat gets told to sit down and calm himself

No doubt Bastiat would not have acted so childish and displayed his white fragility if PrimeCayes was a white panel host instead of a strong black man. This is evidenced by the shocking 0 times Bastiat has threatened to not appear on the AustinShow, Dylan Burns, or Mindwaves panels despite being yelled at on those shows as well to be quiet.

BNN will be dispatching our Racism Watchdog Task Force to monitor Bastiat and ensure he is not found in violation of good ethics.

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