Kurt TD (Twitch Debates) Continues To Harass Innocent Black Woman

The Kurt Saga continues. Kurt TD, a despicable human being who BNN has written about many times now, has continued his efforts to drive Conservative superstar Tree of Logic off of Twitch. Tree reported many months ago that she was being harassed and digitally stalked by Kurt. Unfortunately Kurt, and even Block Head (Dylan Burns), are back at it again.

Kurt has been begging Tree’s regular Conservative guests to join other panels on Twitch. Apparently Kurt is even offering to pay the top-tier guests that Tree has on her premier show. Kurt and Lego Head will stop at nothing to destroy Tree of Logic. Dylan Burns is a garbage tier panel host who even caught flak from Mindwaves, who himself is an expert in spotting poor moderation as he had firsthand experience moderating the Small Brain Podcast. Tree exposed these haters yet again during her stream last Sunday.

Tree’s full video discussing Kurt and Lego Head


BNN is calling on Kurt and Dylan Burns to cease harassing minorities on the platform. We know that Dylan Burns already despises women since he has an average gender balance that is even worse than Mindwaves on his show. The simple truth is that these fragile snotty white kids are threatened by Tree. Like her or not, agree with her or not, she runs the absolute best panel on Twitch. She is strong, witty, hilarious, and does not bend over backwards like the typical spineless BETA streamers that they regularly interact with.

BNN is with you Tree. Please consider visiting her website and subscribing or purchasing some great merchandise. Personally, I recommend the Ghetto Bingo gear!


1 thought on “Kurt TD (Twitch Debates) Continues To Harass Innocent Black Woman

    I hate that Tree is a right winger but I never miss a show of hers. Especially when she shits on other streamers.

    Not gonna lie tho. Kurt looks like a serial killer. I can see why Tree filed a police report against him.

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