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As many have surely noticed, there hasn’t been a new BNN article in about a week. Over the Labor Day holiday I was thinking about the future of BNN and my participation in various Twitch/Discord communities. In short, I’ve decided to temporarily scale back the time I spend consuming meaningless Twitch content.

For at least the next few weeks, BNN will not be actively updated with regular articles. More likely than not there won’t be any new articles until late October or November when I plan to “relaunch” the site for a second time.

The Bastiat News Network has never been a serious endeavor, and I’m not referring to the satirical content that the site is built around. We never expected BNN to make money or even have as wide of a reach as it has had over the past five months. Our recent teespring launch just barely allowed us to break even. Regardless, Rareest Pepper and I have greatly enjoyed writing stories that mostly poke fun at Twitch streamers. And to be honest, the site was primarily meant only as a meme for the Bastiat community and sort of grew from there.

Strangely enough our biggest fans and supporters seem to be moderate Republicans. BNN has received quite a few angry DMs and even a couple of lawsuit threats from small streamers. We know that we’ve ruffled some feathers and some of that has been intentional. Admittedly, I made a few tactical errors going after a handful of people after learning about some of the things they said about the website. Many people simply do not seem to be capable of reading past the often inflammatory headlines.

But on the whole, BNN has been a positive creative outlet and we are extremely thankful for our fans. People may not believe it, but BNN has pretty solid metrics and when we relaunch it may be with some ad integration in order to sustainably run the website and provide more incentives for regular publishing! Until our relaunch, you can still support BNN by checking out our Teespring merchandise. Additionally, if you are interested in being a regular contributor for the Bastiat News Network when the site is back in full swing, please contact Gohndim on discord or Twitter.

Until next time,

Gohndim and Rareest Pepper

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