Final Items To Buy In Preparation For Civil War 2.0

No one knows how this election will go tonight. You simply cannot trust Nate Silver and his fake polls. More likely than not Trump would be ahead by double digits in all battleground states if not for the deep state and the Democratic-controlled mainstream media. And there have been reports of election meddling already. Our elections are under attack and leftists will stop at nothing to sabotage freedom.

If your militia has not mobilized to local polling locations then you are part of the problem. Almost all polling locations are staffed by old people who vote democrat because they rely on entitlement programs to survive. These people are incentivized to discriminate against honest Trump voters. With election fraud at this scale we will almost certainly see violence in the streets, primarily instigated by ANTIFA and BLM as they begin to see Trump still leading despite their efforts to suppress Republican voters.

In order to prepare for the potential and probable violence, be sure to stock up on the following items.

  1. Guns and ammo. We recommend that every single American owns a Remington 270 or equivalent for home defense. For participation in local defense against ANTIFA look to buy AR-15s and handguns.
  2. Silver and Gold. The US dollar is likely to collapse given widespread unrest in the divided states of America. Don’t get caught holding onto worthless paper notes.
  3. 18 months of food and water. The war will go on for a long time. The Rwandan Genocide took about three months and liberals are akin to rats and good at hiding, so expect any war to take more than a year. Rice and beans can be stored for thirty or more years if proper prepping techniques are used.
  4. Gasoline. With gas being under $2 per gallon at many places around the country, it only makes sense to stockpile a few thousands gallons or whatever you can fit on your property.
  5. Bandages, medicine. While the US military is sure to be on the right side of history given that Trump is currently our commander in chief, we cannot be sure if they will have enough basic supplies to share with local militias and common citizens who are helping fight in the war. Medicine also never expires so buy as much as you can now.

Uncle Sam needs YOU again. Your country is on the brink of collapse. Be prepared to fight alongside your patriotic friends and neighbors to ensure that Joe Biden and his army of communists do not snuff out the bright flame of freedom.


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