Conservatives Win Big Despite Losing The Presidency

Now is no time for feeling hopeless, sad, or depressed. First of all, depression basically isn’t real and can be cured by exercise and healthy eating. While Conservatives may have lost the Presidency, there is much that true patriots can be proud of and look forward to over the next few years.

Trump BARELY Lost Despite An Ongoing Global Pandemic and Recession

While Trump certainly underperformed expectations in many key battleground states, we must keep in mind that many low IQ Americans blame Trump for the once in a lifetime pandemic that allegedly happening right now. Despite Trump’s efforts to keep the economic engines turning, he was sabotaged by the actions of dozens of Democratic governors. Conservatives should not view the rustbelt states as lost and practically any Republican can win bigly in them in 2024.

Say Goodbye To Roe and Obergefell

We still have the Supreme Court. Together we can protect the sanctity of life by overturning Roe vs. Wade. The second most important item is demolishing Obergefell which gave queers the ability to marry. Amy Coney Barrett, Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh, will help purify this country.

Crazy Nancy Pelosi Wasted Millions of Liberal Dollars

Lindsey Graham for the most part is a brainless tool for Conservatives, but he did say something right during his victory speech. He completely eviscerated Nancy Pelosi for spending so much money in support of his disgusting, racist opponent. Graham went on to say that this money has the lowest return on investment of any Democratic expenditure in the history of American politics.

The Senate Is Ours And Mitch Will Block EVERYTHING

I sleep at night only because I know that Mitch McConnell is a true patriot and will do everything he can to obstruct and slow down Biden’s communist agenda. With Mitch at the helm we can expect that there will be no significant changes to healthcare, taxes, or entitlements.

It may seem right now that we have lost. But four years of Biden will only lead to a more effective, more radical Republican that will have the guts, ambition, and expertise to implement the agenda that Trump only spoke about at his rallies. Consider this your four year grace period liberals. In 2024, we are coming for all of you and your families.


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