Trump Cruises To Easy Reelection, Sleepy Joe Refuses To Concede

Donald J. Trump declared victory tonight in front of a small crowd full of the minorities that he has worked tirelessly to lift out of poverty over the past four years. Trump’s colossal efforts to improve the lives of minorities paid off bigly for him as he improved in nearly every demographic compared to his 2016 run except with white men. Trump loves the blacks and they love him back!

Meanwhile, Joe Biden awoke from a nap and gave a boring speech about votes still needing to be counted. Joe is coping with the fact the he blew another election and that Trump has done such a great job that he crushed it in typical socialist states like WI, MI, and PA.

The meltdown on Twitch was not quite as entertaining this time around. Many politics streamers have become so depressed, lonely, and poor over the last few years that they can barely express any emotions at all.

BNN looks forward to Trump’s second term and you can rest assured that we will be reporting unbiased facts while the mainstream media will continue its concerted effort to paint the President as a fascist and a racist. TRUMP TRAIN!


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