Dick Lewis Hits On Bastiat Before Railing Him On Iraq War And Trump

Famous British alcoholic Dick Lewis joined Bastiat on stream to discuss America’s numerous war crimes and missteps in the Middle East over the past 80 years. Before getting to arguments over whether or not the use of mustard gas on Kurds was justified, Dick complimented Bastiat’s “quarantine bod” despite the fact that Bastiat hasn’t exercised in nearly three months. The one-sided flirtation reached a climax when Dick said that he was most interested in Bastiat’s ass, which has been described by his viewers as being a “dump truck ass.”

A screenshot taken by Lisaisablogger during one of Bastiat’s workout streams

The conversation quickly devolved into an argument over whether or not Biden is evil and if Trump was merely contesting the election because Al Gore set the precedent of legally challenging an election in 2000. Dick Lewis made a plethora of great points definitively proving that Trump is not a fascist, and if you think he is then every other President including Lincoln was one. Trump is a mere continuation of the system that the Democrats have worked so hard to corrupt.

People forget that Hillary Clinton was a fangirl of Saul Alinsky, an evil man who wrote a vile manifesto on controlling narratives and people through organization. Obama used the Alinsky method to steal the White House from loser John McCain in 2008. The entire Democratic establishment has been working tirelessly to erode our freedoms, spend our tax dollars frivolously, and frame Conservatives in the process.

Dick Lewis understands this. Mr. Lewis can see through the neoliberal agenda and the talking points that plump, comfy, white elites like Bastiat use every day to package disgusting and harmful policies and ideas into something more digestible. Throughout the entire conversation, Bastiat struggled to keep up intellectually with Dick, often struggling to even challenge Dick on the very few times that he was blatantly wrong.

Bastiat’s return stream started off strong until he ran into Dick’s massive intellect. In the end, Bastiat and his audience learned that Trump isn’t as bad as the liberal media has made him out to be, a lesson that should make his second term much more tolerable. God bless.


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