Kurt TD (Twitch Debates) Exposed For Harassing Females, BNN Vindicated

BNN has reopened temporarily to take yet another victory lap. Nearly half a year ago we reported on Kurt’s racist harassment of Tree of Logic. A few weeks later a secret source (GeekWitGlassesTV) tipped off BNN that Kurt was asking people close to BNN to consider removing articles after a couple of months, presumably because he was ass-pained over our accurate reporting.

While it is true that BNN has primarily been a satirical news source meant to frustrate Bastiat and poke fun at the utter retardation of Twitch politics, there have been moments when we have reported the truth. We called RBG’s death (only a few months early). We broke the news of Dear Leader Kim’s illness. And we were the first to call out Kurt for his creepy, disgusting, stalkerish behaviour.

Recently, prominent female twitch streamers have bravely come forward to speak their truths. Unlike Christine Blasey Ford, we must believe them. AikoRulz and Plethora spoke at length on their streams yesterday about Kurt’s vile behavior which allegedly included asking young females for financial compensation in order to be placed on panel shows. Secret sources (including GeekWitGlassesTV) have told BNN that Kurt has often told streamers that he “could make them big” if they only followed his advice. P R E D A T O R.

Fuck you Kurt.

Below are all of the articles that BNN has written about Kurt TD in the order they appeared originally.



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