Kurt_TD Has Been Fired From BNN

Until now, no one even knew that Kurt_TD (also know as Curt Schmo) worked for BNN. When BNN was first created, we needed an inside man. Someone who was already highly integrated into the twitch politics scene. Someone with connections.

Kurt approached BNN after the first round of Touring News articles landed calling them “absolute works of art.” He indicated that he would be willing to work with us by providing leaked DMs from various streamers and suggesting juicy stories. As time evolved, Kurt also began baiting stories from streamers by stirring the pot behind the scenes and in general causing chaos. In an email dated June 14th of this year, Kurt said “Twitch political streamers are so fucking stupid. Easily manipulable. I am so very glad that some of these morons actually pay me every month. Fuck them all.”

To be completely honest, Pepper and I could care less about Kurt’s views on political streamers. We hate them too. But late one night Pepper was doing some research and discovered that Kurt used to work for the Government of Lebanon where he studied common extramarital practices in the Middle East. BNN encourages all readers to Google “The Lavon Affair” to learn more about this topic.

BNN has turned over a surprising number of interns and employees over the years. Moving forward, we promise to do our due diligence when hiring.


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