Bastiat Financially Supported A Twitch Stalker But Not His Own Mods

Legendary Conservative bad ass Tree of Logic absolutely destroyed Curt Schmo (other aliases include Kurt Schmo, Kurt_TD, and #1 SIMP) in another simply amazing stream on Sunday night. Recently, Tree of Logic has been the center of a coordinated attempt to remove her from Twitch. Killer Stephen, BXbullet, Dylan Burns, and now Kurt Schmo have all tangled with Tree and been subsequently destroyed by her take-down streams.

Tree of Logic has apparently reported Kurt Schmo to the police for stalking and harassment. Tree made it absolutely clear to any sane, rational viewer that Kurt Schmo is “viciously” stalking her. Kurt’s rhetoric and tactics are highly problematic and it makes you wonder if he would use the same tone if he was talking to a white, liberal male. You can find more details about this by watching Tree’s latest Twitch vod.

During this stream, Tree revealed that Kurt Schmo has been financially supported by dozens of Twitch streamers via Patreon. One of these streamers is Bastiat, a man who spends an estimated $575 per month on food and $0 on his mod team. In the past six weeks, the moderation team has grown increasingly agitated with their labor being exploited. At one point on discord Bastiat promised to send the two mods, named “GrandadChristmas” and “Shaquille_Oatmeal5,” Dairy Queen gift cards in order to quell a rebellion.

Bastiat admits to paying Kurt tons of money over the past 9 months

Think about it, Bastiat has been supporting a disgusting, garbage-tier human named Kurt Schmo for months while his moderation team puts in thousands of hours om both Twitch and Discord. I reached out to both of these unsung heroes and they provided the following statements regarding this betrayal.

GrandadChristmas: “I was really heartbroken to find out that kurshmo was earning up to 20 dollars a month from Bastiat for setting up discord calls, especially after the dairy queen gift card Bastiat sent me turned out to only have $0.56 on it. When I mentioned it to Bastiat he said he was strapped for cash and I believed him.”

shaquille_oatmeal5: “I had just come back from visiting my sick mother in the hospital when I read the news that Bastiat had been paying Kurshmo and not his mods. As the sole provider in my family, it grieves me to know that GDC and I have been toiling away, without pay, to support Hasan 2.0.”

Bastiat, do the right thing and pay your moderation team. Man up and admit that you’ve been exploiting and teasing them with mostly used up gift cards to keep them going. You pay Kurt. You pay your Youtube editor. You may or may not have provided the initial funding for BNN. And you can absolutely afford to pay your world-class mods. Stop being a cheap fuck.

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5 thoughts on “Bastiat Financially Supported A Twitch Stalker But Not His Own Mods

  1. Neoliberal fat cat stiffs workers, why am i not surprised? Thank you BNN for giving a voice to the voiceless.

  2. Bastiat has been taking notes from Hasan. These big streamers are exploiting hard working editors and moderators. kappa

    On a serious note, how stupid do you have to be to fuck with an ex-cop like Tree? This woman gather evidence better than any detective around. Kurt Shmo is a POS! I’m glad Tree exposed him.

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