Destiny Finally Notices Endernax The Nazbol

Endernax, a formerly obese white man, has been talking nonstop about how he doesn’t care if Destiny responds to his dozens of messages begging for an interview or any opportunity to leech. Destiny finally played a clip of Endernax and didn’t recognize him until he realized the clip was bait and that he had been receiving constant DMs from Nick Fuentes lite.


Destiny exposed Endernax’s last direct message which was “Destiny will you come on my all-white everything panel? We want to highlight white issues and help shed a light on the oppression of white people.” BNN can 100% verify that this direct message seems to be real as a month or two ago Endernax asked myself (Gohndim) to also be on an all-white everything panel. Endernax’s constant focus on race and reverse-racism may have been a contributing factor that emboldened his mod to “ask questions” about the lynching of Emmitt Till in Twitch chat.

BNN recommends that everyone mass report Endernax’s channel and blocks him on discord to avoid being sent a million messages a week. God bless and don’t wear a mask.


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