Twitch Suspends The Account Of Endernax’s Primary Moderator For Racism

Twitch has rightfully suspended Endernax’s main moderator after he made a deeply insensitive comment about Emmitt Till, a 14-year old black boy who was lynched in Mississippi in 1955. The moderator, whose name is “General Disassembly,” asked Endernax if he was personally “…responsible for the lynching of Emmett Till.” While Endernax is a loud and proud Nazbol, he has private and public positions and he used a little of the classic Bastiat-fake-outrage to disavow his moderator’s comment.

Simply disgusting

General Disassembly (GD) reportedly paid cash money for his position and is well-known for wasting hundreds of dollars in Dylan Burns’ channel. BNN reached out to both Endernax and General two days after the incident. Endernax refused to go on the record, citing his distrust of the “Jewish media” despite the fact that BNN donates half of our net income to organizations that oppose Israel. GD on the other hand doubled down on his comments, telling BNN that “all people who watch Endernax’s stream are proud racists and I am no different.”

big yikes

BNN is recommending that our readers completely avoid Endernax’s failing Twitch channel until he bans GD from his community. It is clear that Endernax is creating a space that elevates racist voices and emboldens bigots. Furthermore, BNN is leveraging our amazon facial recognition software to identify GD and ruin his personal life. Wish us luck!


2 thoughts on “Twitch Suspends The Account Of Endernax’s Primary Moderator For Racism

  1. This is just disgusting stuff. Hopefully, this “General Dissasembly” guy grows a pair after these insensitive comments and I wish Endernax the best on his diversity training journey.

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