Reader Letter: A Vulgar Biden Victory Lap

What follows is a letter from Lisaisablogger. Lisa is a prominent welfare leech from the Bastiat community. Her hobbies include feeding stray cats, writing erotic fiction, and conversing with minors on discord. If you would like to have a letter published feel free to DM Gohndim on discord or Twitter.

Dear Conservecucks,

It is with deepest condolences that I must inform you: YOU LOST. Your MAGA hats are about to be a relic of a mercifully bygone era, like Surge soda and swastikas. You boys took an L. Suck a neoliberal dick; the warm cum will be as salty as your buckets of tears.

Lisa being vulgar irl

Feel what it’s like to lose, pals. Stay in bed a few days. Chant repeatedly “not my president,” as you stim back and forth in front of a mirror. Boycott the inauguration. Have a Karens March on Washington. Wait for Trump’s ghostwriter to pen a What Happened tier book, but heavy on voter fraud.

Enjoy Joementia turning America into a centrist socialist paradise, masks required for entry.

Sincerely suck it,

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